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Craft Spirits & Distilling Launch Partnership

Welcome to the Craft Spirits & Distilling™ media kit. We are launching with 10 partner companies (4 spots remaining) who will receive significant exposure to small-scale distillers, across web, email, social, audio, and video. The launch package highlighted below allows you to reach the next generation of growing distillers.

The Launch of Craft Spirits & Distilling

Craft Spirits & Distilling™, Unfiltered Media's newest resource hub and community, is poised to usher in a new era of inspiration, creativity, safety, and opportunity for small-scale distillers. Just like its older sibling Craft Beer & Brewing™, this new digital media brand-website, newsletter, social, premium video, audio, and more-will channel creative and technical advice from the best distillers today and package it for application at any scale.As technology makes distilling viable at smaller volumes, it's increasingly important that these budding distillers-practitioners we refer to collectively as "craft"- learn how to create high quality spirits with the safest operating procedures. Our goal is to create in craft spirits what we have in craft beer—an indispensable, industry-standard resource with a reputation for delivering the best content, week-in and week-out.

Omni Channel Sponsorship +Launch Package:

Available November 2023 to April 2024
Logo branding and URL/links: Launch sponsors can expect 200,000+ brand impressions per month across web, email, and social media properties
Direct advertising: Sponsors will benefit from the following featured advertising placements published and promoted within the sponsorship timeframe (Nov - April)


(1) Native Web/Video Article

on and


(1) Dedicated Email

(to new distilling focused email list)


(3) Editorial eNewsletter takeovers

(to new distilling focused email list)


(6) Sponsored Social Posts

via new (and heavilv promoted) social properties on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, X, and more


(250,000) Display Ads

on new & existing websites


CS&D Podcast Sponsor

(minimum of 1 episode)


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Sponsorship Rate: $7,999 (Only 4 Launch Sponsorship Packages Remaining)

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